How To Find a Good Dentist You Can Trust (Detailed Guide)

BY Dr. McDowell  |  November 25th, 2021
Dr. McDowell
Dr. McDowell has always been focused on using the latest technology to improve the patient experience. From radiation-free imaging to laser dentistry, he has always been ahead of the curve and is dedicated to improving the practice of dentistry one ..

Looking for a good healthcare provider can be intimidating—even if it is just a dentist. You’ll want someone who’s friendly, good at their job, and generally provides you with the best service possible.

Now that doesn’t sound like a lot to ask, but it’s harder to find than you might think. In this blog post, we’ll cover all of the essential questions to ask and things to look for in order to find a good dentist.

Tips on How to Find a Good Dentist

First things first, you’ll want to do a quick Google or Phone Book search to see how many different providers are located around. In most developed cities, you should be able to find 1 – 2 providers at a minimum. There’s really no reason to drive a long way to the dentist unless you find one you love. In general, it’s easiest to keep within 10 – 20 miles of wherever you’re coming from.

After you’ve got a list of all the dentists located around you, it’s time to start running them through some simple filters.

Is the Dentist a Member of the ADA?

The ADA (American Dental Association) is the largest professional organization for dentists in America. They set high standards of dental education and training, which you can check out on their website here. If a dentist’s office claims to be an ADA member, they should have no problem providing proof of it. If not, then that might indicate that the business is not interested in following high standards.

It’s also important to note that the ADA has an official Seal Program, which you can find on their website.

Is the Dental Office In Your Insurance Network?

You’ll want to make sure that the dentist you choose is in your insurance network. If they are not, you’re probably looking at a pretty big bill when it comes time for payment. Cleanings aren’t too expensive, but other operations can be costly.

It’s also worth doing some quick research on any providers who are out of network just so that you can estimate what their prices might be like if you need to pay for operations or cleanings.

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Do They Provide the Type of Work You’re Looking For?

If you’re looking for cosmetic work, make sure that the dentist’s office provides it. If they don’t provide what you need, consider checking out another provider because your operations will be more expensive and less comfortable than they should be.

For little kids who are just getting into braces or dental treatment in general, ensure that the dentist has experience with children. The dentist should also be willing to explain everything in detail so that you can feel comfortable with the procedures your kids will go through.

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The Best Ways to Find Good Dental Providers

If you’re not able to sift far enough through the list of dental providers to find just one dentist that works for you, then it might be a good idea to start using these ways.

Ask People You Trust

If you know someone who’s recently gone to the dentist, ask them which provider they used and why. Were they happy with their results? How much did they pay? How were the staff and their approach to your friend’s children (or adults)?

Friends and family members are some of the best places to get referrals. And if you’re looking for something as simple or complex as a great dental provider, then why not turn to someone you trust?

Get a Referral From Your MD

The next best source of information is your doctor. If you’ve been to the hospital office recently, then they might be able to give you a referral. You might even want to try inquiring directly with the doctor’s office. While not all doctors will know of a good dentist, a lot of them should be able to help you find a dental provider.

The healthcare world is actually a pretty small world, and many medical professionals know each other and are happy to pass on referrals when they find a good customer.

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Check for Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Other Online Sources

Now that you have a list of great dentists, referrals, and some opinions of trusted family and friends, you can check the reviews left by other customers. How do other people like their services? What are the offices like? These are simple questions that you can easily find the answers to in simple online reviews.

A dental provider that doesn’t have very many good reviews or few reviews at all may be a provider to be wary of. A good dentist is proud of the work they do and the services they provide. Because of that, they’ll often have many glowing reviews.

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Dr. McDowell
Dr. McDowell has always been focused on using the latest technology to improve the patient experience. From radiation-free imaging to laser dentistry, he has always been ahead of the curve and is dedicated to improving the practice of dentistry one ..