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We strive to make dental care simple and affordable for our patients. We accept most major insurance plans, have our own annual plan you may choose to enroll in, work with self-pay patients, and can assist those who need payment plans.

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Whatever your situation, we want to help you access the dental care you need. We are adding more insurance companies, but can currently accept Cigna, United Healthcare, Delta Dental, Sunlife, Aetna, United Concordia Alliance, United Concordia, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Principal. If you have questions about insurance or if you’d like the latest list, please call our office or send us an email and we’d be happy to help.

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Insurance FAQ

Dental insurance will vary depending on your plan, but it is common for most plans to include an exam, cleaning and preventative procedures. If you need additional care most insurance companies will cover a portion of your treatment. Of course coverage will vary depending on your provider, but we’re always happy to help you navigate the process. If you are concerned about your level of coverage for a particular treatment, many insurance companies can help you understand your plan before you undergo treatment. For anything not covered by your Insurance Plan, we are able to work with you to find alternative options, create payment plans or otherwise ensure you get the care you need. Our care plans are developed based on your needs as a patient, but we are happy to discuss alternatives if we run into any issues with insurance or payment. Our goal is to ensure that patients get the dental care that will serve them best long term.

While we do accept most major insurance plans, we are able to work with self-pay patients as well. Sometimes your insurance coverage will change and we want to make sure that you still have access to the care you need. We offer convenient payment plans and flexible terms to make things as simple as possible.

How will I know what is covered?

Your plan documents from the insurance company will contain details about your insurance plan and what is covered. While coverage will vary depending on your plan, an exam, cleaning and x-rays or digital imaging are often covered. Most other services are covered at a certain percentage level, depending on the details of the plan you’re on. It is possible to check with the insurance company before completing treatment to determine what coverage will be provided, which we can help you facilitate if necessary.

Do I need to submit the claim?

Our goal is to make obtaining care as simple as possible, so we handle the claim submission process for you. This makes your visit to Wayzata Dental faster and more convenient. If there are questions, we can always follow up with the company and help you understand questions you may have about dental insurance. We are experts in dental care and dental insurance and don’t want challenges with your insurance to be a barrier to great care.

Will I pay anything at the time of the appointment?

We submit the claim to the insurance company and you are invoiced for any outstanding balance at our office. This is typically the easiest process for the patient and our staff, but we are happy to work with you if you prefer another arrangement. For self-pay patients or services not covered we typically ask for half of the payment up front, however, we are more than happy to work with patients to find options if payment is an issue.

What happens if my insurance company doesn't cover treatment?

Since it is possible to check coverage before receiving treatment, we work with you to determine how we will handle any gaps in insurance coverage. While patients are responsible for any costs not covered by insurance, we do everything we can to help from offering treatment alternatives to creating simple payment plans. Most patients love the convenience of this service and do opt to see us for their care regardless of coverage.

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