A Modern Approach to Traditional Dentistry

While many dentists are still behind when it comes to using the latest in oral hygiene technology, Wayzata Dental has been at the forefront of innovating their processes and procedures. We not only offer supreme customer service within our industry, but we also possess a unique and modern approach to taking care of our patients’ teeth. Laser dentistry and minimally invasive treatments help to ensure that our patients receive pain free dental treatments.

Why you should choose a modern approach to dentistry

Choose Laser Dentistry for a Modern and Pain-Free Approach

At Wayzata Dental, we provide modern approaches for pain-free dental treatments. We strongly believe in laser dentistry and the pain-free, accurate, and effective treatments that come with it. With laser dentistry, we’re able to accomplish pain-free treatments without the use of Novocain or other pain-killing products.

We Stand Behind Our Work and Strive to Satisfy Every Customer

Our team works hard to provide every one of our guests with an exceptional dental experience, and it shows in our 1,300+, 5-star Google reviews. We love serving our patients, both young and old, and offer modern dental services ranging from cleanings to implants.

A Kid-Friendly Environment

We love kids and always want to help them overcome any fear they might have of the dentist. Sometimes some of the most nerve-racking experiences at the dentists are the sounds, smells, and of course, pain. With laser dentistry treatments, there is no pain, no noise, and it’s hard to even tell that a procedure is being performed.

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