Digital Scanning

At Wayzata Dental, we use digital scanning technology to create the highest quality 3D digital impressions of your teeth. This technology allows us to create the most accurate, comfortable, and efficient images of your teeth. We use these records to produce precise, comfortable dental treatments for you.

The Technology We Use Matters

The scanner that we use is called the Trios, and it is the leading digital scanner on the market. We invested in this technology in late 2015 to bring our patients the best technology available.

"“I have had three cavity repairs in the last year, all drilled with the laser. It is such a pleasure, compared with the novacane days because it usually took several shots to deaden.”"
John K.

Benefits of Digital Scanning


Using this digital technology, we are also able to create precise fillings. We use material that allows us to leave more of your natural tooth structure in place for minimally-invasive restorations that are almost identical to natural teeth.