United HealthCare Dentist MN

Being that United Healthcare is an insurance provider that is popular among many of our patients, we thought it was important to share that we are in-network with this plan. Wayzata Dental wants to be sure that you are getting the most out of your insurance investment.

We don’t want finances to be the thing that holds you back from our patients receiving the dentistry services they need to keep their smiles looking great. This is why Wayzata Dental will cover the necessary general and restorative services you need to enjoy your smile and stretch those benefits with your United HealthCare Dentist. 

United HealthCare Insurance Information

While not all United HealthCare plans are the same, there are still many similarities with how they are set up. You will pay a monthly premium in exchange for the insurer covering a large percentage of the costs from necessary preventative and restorative dental care. The specifics of your plan are dependent on a few things that take place during the enrollment period.  Your employer may, for example, make certain decisions to lower your annual maximum, while you may wish to pay more each month for more services.

United HealthCare plans have a strong emphasis on preventative care and will usually give you 100% coverage on your six-month dental cleaning appointments and exams. Restorative treatments such as fillings are usually covered up to around 80% from your benefit plan. Complex services like root canal therapy, dental crowns, dentures, and other services may receive coverage between 50 to 70%. Cosmetic treatments and other elective services like mouthguards and orthodontics not directly required for oral health are usually not covered by dental insurance.

Dental Insurance Key Terms to Know

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If you are searching for someone to accept your United HealthCare dentist insurance, Wayzata dental is your choice. Make an appointment and start saving on your high-quality dental care and keep your smile healthy and clean.