7 Benefits Of Laser Gum Treatment (2024 Update)

BY Dr. McDowell  |  February 9th, 2021
Dr. McDowell
Dr. McDowell has always been focused on using the latest technology to improve the patient experience. From radiation-free imaging to laser dentistry, he has always been ahead of the curve and is dedicated to improving the practice of dentistry one ..

The Solea Laser has brought new life to traditional dentistry and offers some amazing new treatments. One such treatment is the use of lasers on gums. Laser gum treatment is less invasive than traditional gum surgery and offers many advantages.

At Wayzata Dental, we’ve been using laser dentistry technology to treat our patients for years now. We’ve seen lots of success and have left many patients extremely satisfied with the service. Today we’ll be sharing with you all the reasons that you should choose laser gum treatment instead of traditional gum surgery.

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How Do Dental Lasers Work?

When you think of a laser, you likely think of a red or green beam of light in lots of movies and video games. While those lasers look cool, they’re really not feasible at all. Instead, dental lasers use the power of CO2 to force air in a specific pattern and focus. That air is focused on the target and controlled by the dentist. These lasers can be used on all tissue and work well to remove tooth decay and plaque.

There are many more resources that you can find on how the dental laser works. Recently we wrote a post all about the Solea laser. In that post, you’ll find videos along with more information about the benefits of using laser dentistry for all of your dental needs.

7 Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

As we’ve already stated, there are many benefits to using lasers for your dental treatment instead of traditional measures. One of the biggest and most common benefits you’ll hear about is that laser dentistry is pain-free. That’s right; you won’t have to worry about the pain that’s so commonly associated with dental work.

1. No Need for Cutting or Sutures

The way that lasers have been designed, they actually won’t cut into your gums. Unfortunately, when your periodontal disease flares up and gets worse, you’ll often have to have your gums cut back and sutures put in place to keep your gums from bleeding. But, when you use laser dentistry for the treatment, there’s no need for cutting. Laser treatment will actually prevent the gum tissue from bleeding at all.

2. Less Discomfort and Close to No Pain

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If you’ve ever undergone gum surgery, then you probably already know that it can be really uncomfortable. Periodontal disease is painful and frustrated to deal with. As we mentioned above, being pain-free during treatment and after is the biggest advantage to choosing laser gum treatment.

3. Short Procedures

Depending on the severity of your gum disease and the need for an operation, the time you’ll spend in a procedure will vary. Nonetheless, laser treatments always take considerably less time. In some cases, gum disease treatments will take several different visits and multiple hours spent. But with laser treatment, the appointment can be finished within just one 2 hour appointment.

4. Fewer Diet Restrictions

In many cases, following gum surgery, your dentist will restrict you from eating many foods. Often your diet will be limited to soft foods or liquids instead of hard foods. With laser dentistry, most patients feel well enough and don’t experience any pain or discomfort when eating hard foods the same day as the surgery.

5. Shorter Recovery Time

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As you might have guessed from the above advantage. Laser gum treatments heal in a much shorter time. Within 24-48 hours, you won’t have to worry about what you eat or about experiencing any pain after that. Some patients even say that they don’t experience any pain before the surgery. This is a big contrast because traditional gum line work will often cause pain for weeks on end. Sometimes it’s two or even four weeks before patients start to experience relief from major gum surgeries. Check out our post on the side effects of laser dentistry to learn more.

6. Safe For All Patients

With certain health conditions, it can be dangerous to undergo surgery. This is especially true if there’s a high chance of bleeding or a long recovery time. But, because of all the benefits that we’ve noted, laser treatment is safe for all patients. It will limit your pain, risk of bleeding, and risk of infection in your gum line. It’s been proven that lasers actually neutralize viruses that otherwise commonly cause

7. No Anesthesia or Novocaine

While this isn’t the case for every laser dental treatment, it is much more common than traditional practices. Most operations done with the use of lasers won’t need any anesthesia or Novocain. You’ll be able to be entirely awake and aware of the operation as it happens. Novocain can be very invasive and at times cause a lot of problems with patients. This is another great advantage to choosing laser treatment.

If you or a loved one struggles with gum disease or any other type of periodontal disease, you must get it looked at as quickly as possible. Periodontal disease can damage existing teeth and healthy gums while eventually causing decay and long-term problems with your jaw bone.

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Dr. McDowell
Dr. McDowell has always been focused on using the latest technology to improve the patient experience. From radiation-free imaging to laser dentistry, he has always been ahead of the curve and is dedicated to improving the practice of dentistry one ..