Solea Laser: How It Works + Benefits

BY Dr. McDowell  |  June 12th, 2020
Dr. McDowell
Dr. McDowell has always been focused on using the latest technology to improve the patient experience. From radiation-free imaging to laser dentistry, he has always been ahead of the curve and is dedicated to improving the practice of dentistry one ..

If you’ve been following recent developments in dentistry at all, you may have heard about the Solea laser. Convergent Dental has developed the Solea laser to provide laser dental procedures with ease.

Dentist offices that use the Solea laser can provide their patients with pain-free and anesthesia-free dental visits and operations. Almost all services that are performed with traditional tools and procedures can now be performed with a dental laser.

If you’re wondering how it works, then you’re in the right place!

woman undergoing solea laser procedure

What Is a Solea Laser, and How Does It Work?

The Solea laser is a CO2 all-tissue laser that is guided by a computer and your dentist to provide one of the most precise procedures available in the dental industry. Convergent Dental, a dental device company, created this first-of-its-kind laser.

These procedures can be completed in much less time because of this tool’s efficiency. And, because there is no need for anesthesia, you’ll be able to return to your life right after the operation. No time is wasted recovering or dealing with a numb mouth.

The dentist positions the laser at the affected area that needs to be cleaned or worked with, then when it’s turned on, the operation begins. Tissue procedures are entirely painless, and there’s less blood than traditional practices. A patient can expect a seamless anesthesia-free process through the use of the Solea all-tissue laser.

Check out this short video about the Solea Laser:

Advantages to Laser Dentistry

If you’ve considered laser dentistry, then you should know that there are many advantages to laser dentistry. One of the biggest reasons you might consider laser dentistry is that it’s almost completely pain-free. One of the biggest fears that people have about visiting the dentist is the pain they might experience. This dental anxiety can keep a patient from receiving the procedures that they need to keep their mouth healthy.

Less Damage to Surrounding Tissues

When dentists perform Solea dental laser procedures on soft tissue, they are less likely to damage surrounding tissues. Traditional soft tissue procedures often cause damage to surrounding soft tissue. The damage caused to soft tissue during soft tissue procedures creates a painful experience and can lead to bacterial infections.

Dental solea laser used on a patient on soft and hard tissue.

Faster Recovery Process

Using a Solea dental laser can also improve the recovery process of both soft tissue and hard tissue. Lasers have been used throughout all different types of medical procedures to help promote tissue regeneration and help to eliminate scarring. In some instances, the tissue wouldn’t otherwise regenerate without the use of a laser.

Safe for Patients With Pacemakers or Orthodontic Devices

If you’re a patient with a pre-existing medical condition such as a pacemaker or an orthodontic device, you might not be able to undergo traditional dental procedures because of the risk of damage to your medical equipment. Solea allows you to undergo a dental laser procedure without inhibiting any other preexisting medical devices.

What Convergent Dental was able to accomplish by creating Solea is a pain-free and precise dental experience that helps to address the dental anxiety that is often experienced by those who visit the dental office. Solea is also a great option for kids because it provides a great dental experience and because kids are allowed to learn about lasers and how they work.

solea laser safe for patients using pacemakers or orthodontic devices

Using Solea During COVID-19

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many of these benefits are even greater than before. Solea laser dentistry has started to prove even more effective and safer than traditional dentistry because of its benefits to both patients and the dentist performing the cleanings and treatment.

Eliminating the Danger Bioaerosols

One of the primary dangers of a dental office is all the different bioaerosols forced into the air through the dentists’ different operations. Bioaerosols consist of airborne particles containing living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Bioaerosols can easily travel several feet from their source without anything in place to stop them. Other patients in the dental office, the dentists performing the treatment, and staff in the same area as patients could all breathe in these airborne particles putting them at risk of infections.

In a traditional dental office, one of the main ways that the threat of bioaerosols is contained comes from masks that the dentist wears and the spacing of chairs. Some dental offices will have separate rooms for each patient to help even more. But unfortunately, that doesn’t help to protect the dentist performing the treatment.

Deep cleaning teeth with two dentists and a patient in the chair.

The Solea Laser Kills Viruses and Reduces Splatter

At Wayzata Dental, we believe that the Solea Laser answers the bioaerosol problems with performing dental treatments. The Solea dental laser is a real solution to the health concerns caused by traditional dental tools. To better visualize the difference between laser dentistry and traditional dental tools, check out this video put together by Convergent Dental.

As you can see in this simple video, a high-speed handpiece drill causes an extreme amount of spray that sometimes travels more than three feet from the patient’s mouth. But, the Solea All-Tissue Laser combined with suction limits that spray to an almost nonexistent extent.

Solea Lasers also kill viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants that might be present in a patient’s mouth. While the lasers won’t kill all of the contaminants present, they will offer more protection than traditional tools. This is one of the most significant advantages of using a Solea dental laser even when COVID-19 has passed.

Bioaerosols & Traditional Dentistry

The traditional dental tools used for treatments and cleaning spin at high speeds and send water mixed with bioaerosols flying into the air. This spray is kept as low as possible through suction and other tools. Additionally, added water is required to operate these tools. Adding that water creates even more spray from the operation. And, unfortunately, there’s no way to mitigate that spray.

The only protection offered to dentists is the masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment available. That equipment won’t always protect the dental professional from the bioaerosols they’re coming in contact with. Different contaminants from the patient’s mouth and any viruses they might have or be carrying are present in the aerosols. This puts those around the patient at risk.

dental assistant working with dentist

When to Use Solea Dentistry

Solea can be used in place of most traditional practices, but not all of them.

You can use Solea for:

Unfortunately, Solea can’t replace a regular tooth cleaning, but it can help to improve patient visits by speeding up the process. Whether you’re looking for soft tissue procedures to help with gum disease or you need regular cleaning, choosing a Solea provider means that you’re choosing a dental practice that is willing to work hard to put the patient first.

Pioneering a new way of completing dental operations is no easy task and, while Solea helps to make it easier, that doesn’t always mean it’s simple. Solea providers work hard to show each patient that their priority is providing the best possible dental visit every time.

Finding a Solea Dental Practice

If you’re interested in learning more about Solea dental lasers and how they work, or you’d like to find a laser dental office in your area, there are a few places you can start. Our blog offers a lot of information on laser dentistry and can help you better understand how it works and why we think it’s the best dental tool around. You can also visit Convergent Dental’s website to learn more about the Solea Laser from the office that created it.

If you’re located in the Twin Cities area, we’d love it if you considered Wayzata Dental as your Solea dental provider. We’ve been working hard to further the use of dental lasers and help our patients experience pain-free, anesthesia-free, and fear-free dentistry. Book your appointment today and begin your journey towards a pain-free oral health experience.

Dr. McDowell
Dr. McDowell has always been focused on using the latest technology to improve the patient experience. From radiation-free imaging to laser dentistry, he has always been ahead of the curve and is dedicated to improving the practice of dentistry one ..