Laser Dentistry

At Wayzata Dental, we are always focused on implementing the newest dental technologies. Solea is a new dental laser technology that replaces the drill and anesthetic typically used in regular dental procedures. Yes, you read that correctly!

Hate the sound of a dental drill or fear the Novocaine needle? Solea Laser Dentistry is for you!

Solea laser dentistry not only makes dental visits convenient and more comfortable, it also helps patients who may need dental care but experience phobias that keep them seeking treatment. We are on a mission to take the fear out of visiting the dentist.

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"Innovative dentistry only office with laser technology fillings in Metro area and they offer teeth cleaning. Excellent service!"
Caroline A

Laser Dentistry is Comfortable

With laser dentistry, we don’t need the drill or Novocaine so there is none of the vibration, noise, or numbness that you would typically associate with dental procedures. Solea laser dentistry completely replaces the drill in most of our dental procedures. Did you know that drills can lead to more dental issues? The vibration of the drill can irritate other teeth or exasperate existing cracks in teeth. With Solea, our patients will not be exposed to the potential risks of using a drill, and with the added benefit of avoiding that uncomfortable robotic noise during their procedure.

Another benefit of laser dentistry is the natural anesthetic effect. This removes the numbness you experience with procedures that use Novocaine. After you leave your appointment at Wayzata Dental, you are ready to go back to your day. There is no need to schedule in recovery time, and you won’t accidentally bite a numb lip.

Laser Dentistry is Effective

The laser can quickly and effectively correct existing issues in your tooth, but there are other benefits as well. An added benefit is that it changes the structure of the tooth, making it is more resistant to future issues.

Laser Dentistry is Fast

Laser dentistry allows Dr. McDowell to work with more precision and speed. Without the numbing effect of Novocaine, he can also treat more dental issues in a single visit. Our patients find this to be to be extremely convenient, as they do not need to book multiple appoints over weeks or months to complete treatment. They leave with a healthy and happy mouth in one visit.

We strongly believe that laser dentistry is the best way to treat many common dental issues. Wayzata Dental is proud to be the first dental office in the Metro area to utilize laser dentistry for both hard and soft tissue procedures. We care about the comfort of our patients and the efficiency of their visit. Wayzata Dental wants to take the fear out of going to the dentist. You deserve a healthy and happy smile!

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