Custom Night Guards

At Wayzata Dental, our number one priority is to help clients live more comfortably and smile a little brighter. Night Guard appliances are one dentistry fix for several common problems associated with grinding teeth.

Why Choose Wayzata Dental for Your Night Guard Appliance?

At Wayzata Dental, patient care comes first. Whether you have not been sleeping well or have broken one or more teeth due to mouth movement at night, we can help assess the steps toward repairing your teeth and preventing future discomfort. Make an appointment at Wayzata Dental to see how a night guard appliance can improve your dental health and your life!

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"I had a great experience at Wayzata Dental. I needed a new filing and with the laser technology, it was fixed quickly and with NO PAIN!"
Erin H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Night Guard Appliance For Me?

Night guard appliances are typically worn to prevent grinding and clenching of the teeth at night, both of which can result in next day discomfort, lack of sleep, and even dental damage. If you find yourself experiencing one or several of the conditions associated with teeth clenching and grinding, a night guard appliance might be for you. These conditions include:

  • Inexplicable drowsiness after a supposed full night of rest
  • Jaw discomfort, tightness, or pain
  • Migraines or smaller, more frequent headaches
  • Broken tooth crowns
  • Facial muscle soreness and tenderness
  • Ringing ears
  • Damaged, chipped, or worn down teeth

Just one of these symptoms can be uncomfortable and interfere with your daily routine. Rather than live with one or several of them and risk your dental health, it’s best to consult a dentistry professional like Dr. McDowell who can suggest a corrective course of action.

How Does a Night Guard Work?

Unfortunately, you have no control over grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep. But there is a way to prevent both, and that’s with a custom-fitted guard.

First, an impression is taken of the teeth. From that model, our lab creates a custom night guard that fits comfortably around your teeth. It’s essentially a cushion that allows the teeth and jaw to rest in a soft position while bracing against harmful movement like grinding. Thus, your natural teeth and dental work is preserved!

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