Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry for kids is helping to create better experiences! We all know that for some kids, the dentist can be a scary experience. Kids that have a poor experience at the dentist when they are young will be much more likely to be resistant to visiting the dentist in the future.

Develop a positive attitude about visiting the dentist

Creating a positive association about visiting the dentist so that they develop good habits and enjoy life-long dental health. One way we do this is through the use of Solea laser technology, which can make your child’s dental experience easy, comfortable, and less scary. Solea is a new dental laser technology that replaces the drill and anesthetic in regular dental procedures. This laser dentistry for kids makes dental visits convenient and more comfortable.

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"Fantastic staff, who are professional and friendly. Give Dr. McDowell and his team a try, you will not be disappointed."
Matthew H

Safe and Simple

The most uncomfortable part of dental procedures for kids is often the drill or the needle that delivers the numbing medication. Solea laser technology replaces the drill and the need for Novocaine in many dental procedures. Your child will not hear a robotic vibration during their dental procedure or be traumatized when they see a needle coming at their mouth. This makes laser dentistry for kids an ideal solution for many common dental procedures.

Worried about pain? Don’t be! Solea laser technology has a unique wavelength that acts as a natural anesthetic. It replaces Novocaine in our dental procedures. Your child will not experience the injection of Novocaine, or the numbness that follows a dental procedure. After you and your child leave Wayzata Dental, you can go back to your daily routine without worrying about your child biting a numb lip or hurting their mouth, unknowingly.

Laser dentistry for kids also helps preserve more healthy parts of the tooth than a traditional drill. Additionally, treatment with the laser will actually make the tooth more resistant to future decay. When combined with healthy lifelong habits, the laser can help preserve your child’s dental health well into the future. It’s pretty cool stuff!


Procedures done with Solea laser technology are faster and more precise. This natural anesthetic effect allows Dr. McDowell to repair any dental issues in one visit. You will not have to make multiple appointments for your child. After one appointment at Wayzata Dental, your child can have a healthy mouth without the side effects of the drill. Just one more reason we love laser dentistry for kids.

Our priority is the comfort of your child while they are in our care. Our staff is trained to help kids have the best possible experience. We can even set kids up with a personal TV to help put them at ease during their visit.

Wayzata Dental is concerned about the comfort and experience of our patients. We practice gentle dentistry in all of our procedures and implement the latest technologies to improve the dental experience for our patients. Wayzata Dental will help your child feel safe and comfortable at the dentist. A good dental experience at a young age will set your child up for better oral health in the future.

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